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Get Creative Using Nautical Scrapbook Paper

Get Creative Using Nautical Scrapbook Paper

Posted by Olivia Sum on

Are you a sailor at heart? Well you don`t have to be to be able to enjoy a nautical theme. When you think of the sea what comes to mind....for me it`s fishing boats with sails and anchors and like it says in the name fish, sardines to dolphins to whales all marine life in fact is part and parcel of the whole nautical theme. You will find many different nautical themed designs if you look on Here`s a few ideas what to do with your nautical scrapbook paper once you find it.


Different Nautical Scrapbook Paper Designs

Here is a selection of designs to look out for:

  1. An anchor design
  2. Sailing boats
  3. Rubber rings
  4. Marine life such as fish
  5. The helm or steering wheel of a ship

All of these designs may be spread out over the paper eclectically with a non-uniform style or they may be in lines with a repetitive formation.

Greetings cards using Nautical Scrapbook Paper

Not everybody enjoys the cold snap that Christmas brings; some people choose to use this holiday period to travel far away to somewhere more exotic.  If this is you why not get prepared for this break by customizing some holiday greetings cards. Go to where you can find the design you are looking for.  As stated above there are many different designs.

Home Design with Nautical Scrapbook Paper

It`s the little final touches that really make a difference when it comes to decorating. To match a nautical theme there are many things you can do.  Why not use your nautical scrapbook paper to turn a boring plain light switch into something a little funkier. Simply use adhesive to glue your paper to the light switch taking care to be neat around the edges and the switch itself. This effect can be used on other items of furniture also. What about a bedside lamp, you could cover the base of the lamp with your design turning something plain into a unique accessory. 

Making Gift Tags and Gift Wrap with Nautical Scrapbook Paper

This time of year is a time of giving and I always find gifts with a personal touch are a little more special. Why not customize any gifts you buy this year with your own special gift wrap. This can be created by using a few or one of your nautical scrapbook designs, mix and match the scrapbook paper to give you a choice of design.  Don`t forget presents need gift tags too so make these by cutting your scrapbook paper into smaller shapes and covering and gluing over a little cardboard.

So now you have these ideas running round your head why not get started today. Go to to find lots of different ideas to create your nautical themed stuff. Make it something fun, I`m sure if you ask your children to help out them`d is more than willing to join in with the arts and crafts side of things.

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