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6 Bestselling Paris Paper

6 Bestselling Paris Paper

Posted by Olivia Sum on

Bonjour and welcome to another blog post. Today’s theme is Paris and we have put together a list of our favourite and bestselling Paris paper collections. Whether you have been on a trip to Paris, the city of love, and want to create a scrapbook to cherish those memories, whether you love everything about Paris and want to create some fun home décor or whatever project it is you want to create, we have the perfect Paris paper for you.


1.     Bonjour Paris Paper

This is a super cute and flirty Paris paper collection that has 12 different papers all in the colours of pink and black. There is a black paper with pink Eiffel Towers and hearts on, a pink background paper with croissants, black background paper with pink ornate patterns and a pink background paper with coffee and cake patterns. Any of these papers will look great in your scrapbook whether for the covers or within the pages.

2.     Burlap Parisian Paris Paper

If you want to create something that has a vintage Parisian theme then this is the collection for you. There are 10 papers in total with different coloured burlap papers and also burlap papers that have Paris themed stamps and even the word “Paris” written on them. You could create a beautiful collage with your most cherished photos to hang up on the wall with any of the papers in this Paris paper collection.

3.     Hot Pink Paris Paper

This collection of Paris paper is very similar to the Bonjour Paris collection however the pink in this collection is a fabulous hot pink. The patterns are also different with a paper that has the word “Paris” on with hot pink hearts, a hot pink background with black Eiffel Tower and hearts and a black background with hot pink bottles of champagne and champagne glasses. Any of these papers will look great as gift wrap, especially if the gift is from Paris.

4.     Bebe Paris Paper

This Paris paper collection is full of brightly coloured and fun papers. There are 12 papers in total all of which are in shades of yellow, green and orange to give a fresh and vibrant vibe to any craft project. They would work great to give a bit of life into your plain and boring notebooks or old clipboards. If you have clipboards for everything then use different papers from the collection for each clipboard.

5.     Pink Bebe Paris Paper

This collection of papers is the same as the Bebe Paris Paper but with all 12 of the papers in this collection being pink and white. This is a white background paper with pink flourish patterns, pink background with white flourish backgrounds, white background paper with pink Paris stamps and wasps and a white background paper with pink crowns and wasps. The patterns on this collection and truly beautiful and will look great on any project you have in mind.

6.     Memories Paris Paper

Just like the name of this Paris paper collection, the papers in this collection will really bring back memories of your Paris trip. The collection has 12 papers in total all of which are in shades of pink, white and grey to create a really cute and theme. Patterns in the collection include a grey background paper with a pink flower pattern, a pink background with grey Eiffel Towers and white background paper with grey bicycles.

There you have it, our bestselling and favourite Paris Paper collections for you to choose for whatever project you have lined up next. You can get all these Paris paper collection on our website. What are you going to do with your Paris paper? Let us know by leaving your comments below.

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