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Make the Most Out Of Your Printable Music Paper

Make the Most Out Of Your Printable Music Paper

Posted by Olivia Sum on

Printable music paper is also known as music staff paper or manuscript paper and comes in a variety of designs. What better way to use your printable music paper than as a beautiful gift wrap.  From Christmas presents to house warming gifts and birthdays there is a print to suit every need. You will be able to find plenty of music papers on the website to find creative design papers to suit your every need.


Festive Printable Music Paper

You can find a wide variety of carols printed on vintage printable music paper.  Classics like Little Town of Bethlehem, We Wish You a Merry Christmas and Jingle Bells, we’re sure you can find what you are looking for. With a unique vintage style this type of music paper can be created with all sorts of fun graphics to match the season.  For example Away in A Manger wouldn’t be complete without the image of a baby in a crib or a huge ringing bell for jingle bells.  To give that oldie worldly distressed look the paper could be stained in tea for a grungy effect.

Printable Music Paper for the Animal Lover

Chickens, owls, dogs, cat’s animal lovers everywhere can choose fabulous designs to make your very own gift wrap.  This owl print is one of our particular favourites.

Printable Music Paper Graphics Fairy

For an ethereal mystical image why not explore the world of fairies.  There are some beautiful printable music paper designs that every little girl would love to have as a birthday gift wrap.

Printable Music Paper Home Decor

Decorating your furniture with Printable Music Paper is a fantastic way to give a stylish home design to any item you wish to enhance.  From chest of drawers to table tops to chair seats. Gluing music sheets and then varnishing over the top to give a lasting effect.  You could take this a step further and add a feature wall to your home.

Printable Music Paper Bunting

Using your printable music paper you can make some perfect bunting to hang around the house or maybe on the front of a caravan, either way it’s a very stylish decoration.

Printable Music Paper Topiary

There are some fantastic designs you can create from origami flowers to vintage musical topiary using printable music paper.  These are perfect little centre pieces for a table or an unusual gift for grandma to show off your creative side.

Printable Music Paper Creative Design

How to make Paper Ephemera Feathers:

  1. Take two rectangles of printable music paper and make a sandwich.
  2. With one sheet of paper line it with dry adhesive up the middle.
  3. Use a piece of floral wire and glue the paper and the floral wire.
  4. Cut your music paper into a feather like shape.
  5. Cut into your paper along the middle stopping when you hit the wire.
  6. Go up and down both sides, getting your cuts as close as you can to one another.
  7. Take more dry adhesive and a strip of paper and cover the end of the wire

We hope this has given you some creative thoughts on how you can make the most of your printable music paper.

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