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Ideas You Can do with Vine Paper

Ideas You Can do with Vine Paper

Posted by Olivia Sum on

Vine paper is a lovely way to turn something plain into a classic elegant design.  There are many different projects you can create using vine paper which can be found in this blog post.  From greetings cards to thankyou cards, wedding invitations, and birthday gift wrap or get well soon cards. We’re sure there is a vine paper to suit that special moment.


Making Your Own Vine Paper Cards

Many beautiful decorations may be created with vine paper which can be purchased from the website. You can go for the traditional green vine paper to keep the effect as real as possible or go crazy with it and have different coloured vine paper. As well as different colours, you can also have different textured vine paper such as a shiny paper, foil paper or matte paper. We are going to show you how to create this beautiful and unique Mother’s Day card, although you can also use the same design for birthday and even wedding cards.

First of all you need to download and print the vine paper you have chosen for your greeting card. You can then use Photoshop and the Marquee tool to cute a square of the vine paper and add it to the layer the white paper is on. Don’t cover all the white paper with the vine paper pattern, just one side of it. Make sure to blend the pattern out so it doesn’t just abruptly end half way across the card.

You can then use the text tool to add the wording of your choosing in the same colour as the vine paper. If you want, you can add 3D butterflies to your greeting card by downloading a butterfly clipart, printing it, cutting it out and adding it to card and lifting the wings up. You can use your glue gun to glue these to the card wherever you want them.

Types of Vine Paper Designs

You may be surprised to know that there are different vine paper designs to choose from. If you wanted to go for a traditional vine look then use a vine paper made from leaf patterns if you wanted something more feminine, then go for the floral vine paper. There are other designs you can choose from to. Here are some of them…

1.      Leafy Vine Paper

Leafy vines form the basis of a vine paper design, whether elaborate or simple, the effect they create are a recognisable classic pattern.

2.      Curls and swirls

This involves freestyle patterns to create a simple but unique design. While the pattern may not include the traditional leafy design, it is still very much a vine paper.

3.      Vine Paper Letters

If you were writing a message such as a thankyou card the vine design could be entwined throughout the letters to make an attractive statement card. You can create this effect using Photoshop if you are experienced with it.

Other Vine Paper Ideas

Vine paper may not only be used to create your own greeting cards but you can also create your very own home décor using vine paper. From making paper wisteria flower branches to DIY jungle vines or white paper heart vines to create a perfect wedding back drop, you will have a lot of fun with Vine Paper.

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