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5 Things You Can Create With Chalkboard Digital Paper

5 Things You Can Create With Chalkboard Digital Paper

Posted by Olivia Sum on

Chalkboard digital paper can be a really fun paper to work with and you can create some fun and quirky projects with it. There are a number of different chalkboard digital paper collections you can download such as the Chalkboard Designs Collection which actually includes a chalkboard effect with writing on them which will look great as gift wrap. Another one to download is the Chalkboard Dusty Collection which has 6 different colours of chalkboard with an effect that makes them look like someone has just rubbed off some chalk.

Here are some great ideas you can create with your chalkboard digital paper.


Chalkboard Digital Paper Letters

You will need to download a chalkboard digital paper background and a clipart flag to put the chalkboard background on. Use Photoshop to add the chalkboard background to the clipart flag and use the tool box to add white block letters to each flag. You can then use these as bunting instead of a banner for your kid’s birthday.

Chalkboard Digital Paper Labels

You can create really cute chalkboard labels for your scrapbook, journal or even kitchen jars. Simply choose the clipart label you wish to have and use Photoshop to add the chalkboard background onto the label using the marquee tool. You can even add a white border about 1 mm from the edge of the label to create more of a vintage style. Once you have printed the labels you can use a white pen or chalk to add the wording you want to each label.

Chalkboard Digital Paper Sign

You can create fun signs around the house with chalkboard digital paper such as house rules or bedroom door signs. Print the chalkboard background onto either paper or card and use a white chalk or pen to write what you want. You can get creative with this and add stickers and clipart to the chalkboard before printing.

Chalkboard Digital Paper Scrapbook Cover

Chalkboard digital paper will look great as a scrapbook cover dedicated to your children’s school years. You could add a handwritten font to the cover and maybe some fun clipart images such as an apple, a pile of schoolbooks and an A+ grade mark. It will make a really fun memory book when you and your son or daughter look through it together many years later or when your son or daughter show it to their children.

Chalkboard Digital Paper Gift Tags

Chalkboard digital paper makes for great thank you gift tags or for your kids when they want to give a present to their teacher. You will need to download a traditional gift tag clipart label and use Photoshop to add the chalkboard background to the label.  Then you need to choose a lovely swirling font to write the word ‘Thank You’ on the side the chalkboard is on. You can add white flowers or a white border to the gift tag too. Once you have done the design, simply print it, puncture a hole at the top and loop a piece of twine through it.

These are just a few ideas you can do with chalkboard digital paper. If you’ve got any more ideas please help inspire other crafters by sharing them in the comments below.

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