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Tribal Paper Designs

Tribal Paper Designs

Posted by Olivia Sum on

Tribal paper designs can be colourful with lots of pattern, or can also be a one colour background with wording on. All designs do offer a dramatic impact. The word itself brings to mind a certain kind of foreign mystery. We think of Aztecs, and famous temples. Have a lot of fun in choosing your own tribal paper with a design to suit you. You’ll be able to find plenty of tribal paper on the website. Spend some time looking at patterns and colours and just wait for one of them to jump out at you.


Tribal Paper Popularity

Tribal paper has become tremendously popular. It is the designs and patterns that draw artists, scrapbookers and crafters into its grip. There seems to be a mysterious aspect to tribal paper. Maybe because of the history of the Aztecs or the histories of the vast Indian nations. Think of the Aztec ruins and the myths surrounding them. The myths of the Aztec civilisation of central Mexico are indeed legends. This mythology is a great source for artists and crafters to draw upon. It is the complex colours and patterns that are so unique to the genre of tribal paper.

Tribal Paper Legends

Tribal paper conjures up all the mysteries and myths of the Aztecs and Indian nations. The Aztecs believed in many gods, each God had a job to do; in the Aztec civilisation the sun god was responsible for crop success. The Aztecs thought that if the sun god wasn't happy their crops would fail. There is a vast array of tribal paper featuring the sun; it is a wonderful depiction of one of nature’s most important planets. Another pattern that depicts the Aztec tribes is that of an eagle perched on a cactus holding a snake in its mouth.

This pattern in all its forms and patterns is of great significance. The legend behind it is that one day a priest saw an eagle perched on a cactus with a snake in its mouth, he ran back to the camp to tell everybody what he had seen. This happened in the valley of Mexico, along the shores of Lake Texcoco. The Aztec people ran to the shores of Lake Texcoco to see the sight for themselves. As they watched the Sight before them the cactus grew into an island, they named the island ‘Tenochtitlan’ which means “the place of the prickly pear cactus “. So there you have it, the drama and legend of this time in history is captured in its many guises in the patterns and designs of tribal paper.

Tribal Paper Patterns

So now you know at least one of the legends of the Aztec people. When you look at the choices of tribal paper you can have as your own, you might want to go for something with as dramatic a story behind it as the legendary island of Tenochtitlan.

What have you creates with tribal paper; a scrapbook, party invitations, homes décor? We want to hear all your craft projects by leaving your comments below.

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