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Spring Scrapbook Paper

Spring Scrapbook Paper

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Sometimes you may develop scrapper’s block when attempting to come up with specific themes for a page. For spring scrapbook paper, there are many different options! You can have craft paper that’s densely packed, or loosely scattered. You can have bright colored tulips or pastel bunnies.

You may choose holidays that occur during the spring, or you might have a whole other idea in mind! If you have children, that opens up even more options with springtime sports and other activities. Keep an open mind, and consider the different types of things, from events to parties, that you typically engage in during the Spring and build from them.


Choose a Theme

Choosing your theme isn’t difficult once you’ve gotten a bit of thinking done. Once you’ve decided on the basic theme, you can start thinking about the colors and different patterns that you’d like incorporated to pull everything together. Plan out your layout, and get prepared for some fun scrapping time! All you’ll need is your chosen papers, scissors, hot glue and other typical scrapping supplies to pull together a spring scrapbook page. Read below to find what type of spring scrapbook paper is most suited to the different potential themes!

Springtime Activities

There are many different springtime activities that people take part in every year. There’s sports, as well as holidays, that often make their way into the scrapbook. If you have children who are into sports, they definitely make the cut each year. You can use thematic spring scrapbook paper that have colorful backgrounds and pictures of the sport’s gear. For tennis, it’d be tennis balls and rackets and LOVE. If your child runs track, a running theme is perfect for those pictures. You can also find soccer, golf, football and other sports themes!

Springtime Holidays

Springtime brings Easter, Lent and a mess of other holidays out. Most people take plenty of photographs during these types of holidays, from their feasting day in Lent to hunting Easter eggs on Sunday. Capturing these moments with your family, children and loved ones often create a gorgeous, entertaining scrapbook page for the springtime months. Colors that many people associate with Easter are pastel pinks, blues and greens.

You may include sunshine and egg motifs, and mix in colorful, small-scale floral patterns for a unique look. Lent may display the types of things you’ve given up for the holiday, and your progress throughout the occasion. Journaling your thoughts and struggles, as well as realizations, throughout the Lent holiday can be a great way to document the time. The holidays often take up multiple different scrapbook pages, but you can consider using pocket pages for additional photos or journaling significant moments.

Springtime Birthdays

Birthdays are happening all the time, no matter the season. For some reason, however, springtime birthdays are often the most fun and seasonally comfortable. Pair photos of the birthday boy or girl with spring scrapbook papers like floral prints, sunshine, cake motifs and other items. You can include memorabilia, such as a piece of wrapping paper and a candle or other small items in a zip-lock bag or pocket page. Place bold borders around images to make them stand out on the page against the other images. Get really creative and have everyone sign pieces of paper to glue down onto the birthday party page to keep track of who all was there, as well as take a group photo of them all.

Springtime Flowers

Some people like to keep scrapbooks of different flowers during the springtime. They may use springtime scrapbook paper to place them against that show patterns of the same flower, or simply different patterns related to spring, like grass or trees. You may be interested in pairing the pressed flower with photographs of the same flower or other photographs while the pressed flower functions as a real-life motif in the corner. You can incorporate various aspects into flower scrapbooks, such as simply pressing a petal or gluing the flower piece by piece onto the page. Use lettering to place the flower’s species or common name to let viewers know what they’re looking at.

Springtime scrapbooking often includes beautiful flowers, photographs of family members or even simply beautiful spring days. Depending on your lifestyle, you may document major life moments, such as a new addition to the family or a new family pet, as well as other moments, such as the family coming together for a BBQ dinner. The possibilities are endless, but springtime is not. Document things in the here and now to be sure that later in life you have plenty of memories to look back on physically and enjoy.

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