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Arts and Crafts with Bandana Scrapbook paper

Arts and Crafts with Bandana Scrapbook paper

Posted by Olivia Sum on

A bandana is another name for a kerchief from the French, couvre-chef, “cover the head”. It`s a triangular or square piece of cloth tied around the head or neck for protective and decorative purposes.  One of the features that distinguish a cowboy is their bandana tied around their necks.  At one time they used it to cover their mouths and noses to stop from breathing in dust riding on their horses.  It is also used to protect their necks from the sun.

In design the print most recognisable with bandanas is a paisley pattern as they are printed in this design frequently.  There are many things you can do with your bandana scrapbook paper.



Take a look at this set of popcorn holders which I think are great.  Go to to find the paper to make your own.  It`s simply a case of folding it around your head as if making a party hat and then cellotape.  Now it`s ready to fill with popcorn.

How to Upcycle Your Furniture with Bandana Scrapbook Paper

One of the easiest things to do with a lovely effect in arts and crafts is to decoupage furniture.  There are loads of styles of furniture from an old cabinet you want to spruce up to a coffee table.  Use your bandana scrapbook paper found on to help you make some stylish refreshed items. 

It`s as simple as covering your chosen furniture for example a coffee table in your bandana scrapbook paper with the use of a suitable adhesive.  Next leave it to dry for about half an hour and then paint with a clear varnish for a long lasting top coat.  When this is dried your new improved furniture is done.

Frame Your Own Pictures Using Bandana Scrapbook Paper

Christmas is a happy time of year for most, a time when we get together with our families and enjoy all things festive, a time when we enjoy giving and receiving gifts.   Why not make your own gifts this Christmas with some lovely eccentric Christmas frames which maybe just the thing.  You can buy a basic picture frame from many different stores.  Simply choose your design of bandana scrapbook paper and using the appropriate adhesive glue your paper around the frame.  Then you can add your family pictures and send to your loved ones this Christmas.  Go to to find your chosen colours and design.

Make Your Own Coasters Using Bandana Scrapbook Paper

The winter months are here and there is a chill in the air, what better than to sit in front of a warm fire with a mug of tea or hot chocolate.  Don`t forget your coasters to put it down on though.  Are your coasters pretty non-descript and plain.  Why not make your own special customised bandana coasters with your bandana scrapbook paper which you can find if you go to  Simply use some adhesive to glue your chosen bandana scrapbook paper to the coaster.  When you are happy with it some clear varnish painted over it will act as protection barrier for longevity.

Use your Bandana Scrapbook Paper to Make Name Tags

If your child is into all things cowboy they will love this set of name tags for their room.

You will need

  • Wooden letters cut into the initials of your choice
  • Bandana Scrapbook Paper
  • Adhesive
  • String
  • Drill

Cover your chosen letters in your bandana scrapbook paper using the adhesive to glue them together. You will find lots of bandana scrapbook paper designs by going to  Next drill some holes in the top of the letters and attach the string.  Hang it up and there you have it your cowboy or cowgirl name tag to hang on your bedroom door or wherever you wish.

There are many other things you can do with your bandana scrapbook paper.  Another idea is to make some cowboy or cowgirl bunting to brighten up your bedroom.  Or you could use it to make stylish envelopes for your cards this Christmas.  Whatever you choose to do with it hopefully I have given you a few ideas on where to begin and you have fun doing it.

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